The Shires of Apoland

Our capital Hell-sink-in can be found in Apocalyptica Shire along with Bittersweet, Faraway Bay and Somewhere Around Nothing (SAN) Forest.

Toppinen Shire is where most of the farming is centered. The Biggest city there is Eiccatown. (It seems that a new sort of farm has now come to the Toppinen Shire... Should we be concerned?)

Perttuville in Kivilaakso Shire is the city of art and where you can visit the Opera and Kuutamo club. Kivilaakso Shire is bordering Cod Fjord to the south.

Lötjönen Shire is the place for extreme sports! In Paavocity all the streets are named after teddy bears.

In Antsaburg (in Manninen Shire) the world's largest sunglasses factory can be found.

In Sirén Shire, the largest National Park of the island, the Evergreen Forest, can be visited. Mikkovillage is the largest city in the southern part of the Island.

Reflection Shire is where the Safari Park can be found.

In Cult Shire, you can visit Fish-Eye Island!