August 25th, 2012
Greetings to all of Apoland! New features and images are coming soon, and September is now Long Hair Appreciation & Protection Month.
I want to know what special thing(s) you all do to celebrate!
Remember, if you have any questions or requests, feel free to ask. :)

Map of Eiccatown now available

Interview with Perttu by Katariina is at the APOst
Several new citizents - mainly in Perttuville

Restaurant GBC have released some of the recipes for the dishes they serve.
New citizen in Manninen shire

New citizents in Perttuville and Hell-Sink-In.
Vitit the Opera Festival all over Apoland. The link can be found with the Opera

New citizents in Perttuville, new logo for APOst, new national anthem from Apocalyptica and lyrics by Cyan Bloodbane.

Chatroom can be found in the menu to the left.

An Art Shop just opened in Perttuville.

New look at APOst, take a look.

New stores are popping up everywhere - check them out.
Also visit the new forum.

To new citizens have arrived and already opened two new shops in Hell-sink-in.
We have got a national dance.

Apoland's First Birthday was held the 29th of August. Read about it in the APOst.
Even more new citizent have entered Apoland; Singe and Genieperson are trying to help build up the population in Mikkovillage.

New citizents have arrived in Apoland
The petshop have even more new pets - watch out, they are not all nice
Review from Romania in May are added to the APOst

The biographies of Perttu, Eicca and Paavo can be read in the APOst.

The petshop have several new pets to offer. New citizents of Eiccatown and Perttuville

The storytelling by the fire in the Castle have been updated to include a few fan-fictions.
If anyone are hiding some fictions, I will gladly put them on the page.

The Petshop in Perttuville is now open

The Tattoo Shop 'Perdition' is opened
You can see a selection of the tattoos made here in the store-section

The Aquarium in the Safari Park is finally open to the public
We have everything from beautiful coral fish over sea turtles to sharks
The library in Eiccatown have now expanded and includes a Bio/History section too

Naiku and Simke have taken over the Aposhop in Eiccatown and have already expanded the store
Metal-Girl have made an Apoland-interpretation of 'Our Father' called Apo-prayer. Find it in the Bible
A Cinema have opened in Eiccatown. Owner Metal-Girl

Stargazer plans to open Bittersweet Bar in Hell-sink-in
We've got a boxmaker (Imogen) and several new citizents around the Island
Change in layout and in the Safari Park

Reviews from fans can be read in the APOst

The Apoland Bible can be viewed in the storie-section
Our President's first speech (not from a sauna unfortunately) can be found in the APOst

The Guestbook is now working
And the calendar is also up and running. If you want your birthday added, please post it in the thread in the forum or in the guestbook

All the Shires is now updated with everything we have so far

We have now Coat of Arms for the 5 largest cities (Hell-sink-in, Eiccatown, Perttuville, Paavocity, Antsaburg and Mikkovilage)
All are made by CyanBloodbane

The first shops opened in Apoland

Mikko is accepted as full member of Apocalyptica
The Mayor of Mikkovillage announce:
The next three nights and days whole Mikkovillage shall be decorated with flowers and..DRUMMSTICKS!! Everybody shall have fun and dance in the streets!:)
Everybody is invited to Mikkovillage for a big big BIG BIIIG megacool party!!!!:D

The latest witch meeting is under BBN
New citizents have moved to Apoland

MetalliJedi_1 moves to Perttuville and wants to open Harmageddon Film Institute and K.A.A.M.O.S radio station. More details later

Blueprints of Häxeholm (the castle) can be found at BBN (click on the castle)

Mys used Apoland as subject for a school project. Read the story in Apo at Random (it is in both French and English)

Announcement: The winter is approaching and the fireplace at the castle has been lit. Come and sit by the cosy fire and listen to the storytelling. (Link to the stories can be found inside the castle at the BBN-page)

The Statue of the President is now placed in the town square of Eiccatown

Resume of the withces meeting is to be found under BBN
Map of Hell-sink-in can be seen on the page of the city

Enter the witches humble castle, and see how it looks from the inside
The witches family tree can also be found at the BBN-page
Finglish Dictionary added under Apo at Random

The Fantasy section in the State Library is now opened.
(Only open the link to the library with Internet Explorer, others make it looke very confusing)

New witch meeting summery on the BBN
A 4-star restaurant is opening in Mikkovillage, but a chef is needed - anybody up for the job?
persephone is going to draw the Amusement Park
Time scedule for bands at the Kuutamo Club

Peij has bought the club in Perttuville she used to work in. It is now called Kuutamo Club.

The State Library is opening. So far no books are in, but they will come little by little. Check out the themes (and list, when it comes) and send a mail to Jane with your favorite books, and they will be added to the list.
The Library is in Hell-sink-in
(The library does not want to work with me right now. Sorry for the quite messy Fantasy-section)

Links site added. Here are the links to the Apoland threads in the Apocalyptica forum
New version of Cult Shire with a close up on Fisheye Island (well done Laury)

Cyan has finished the Coats of Arms. They can be seen under BBN
A picture of the Dragon-taxi is added (somewhere under BBN)

APOst is slowly starting with a report of the Seattle gig.
Cartographic map of Cult Shire added
The last animal has arrived to the Safari Park. The park is now open to visitors.

Animals arrived to the Safari Park today. Some continents are still missing animals though.

Cartographic maps added to the page

Broomstick Breaking News added to the page - The Witch Circle is complete and going strong

All entrences to the cities through the respective Shires
Highlight of the day: Katariina on her way to Apo-concert with a booklet about Apoland to the guys
Visit the Safari Park in Reflection Shire
Read the Legend of Apoland - Condensed Version

The Lord of the Strings (read it under Fairytales and other true stories)
Entrence to cities will be through the Shires. Lötjönen, Reflection

Entrence to cities will be through the Shires. It works now for Toppinen, Kivilaakso and Apo Shire
Weve got a mail office
The Apoland Coat of Arms (made by Cyan) added to Apoland
Pictures of SAN-Forest added
Pictures of Cellórien made larger
Pictures of Evergreen Forest added

Paavocity updated
Fairytales and other true stories added to the page
Pictures of Bittersweet added

Pictures of Cellórien added